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& Dynamics Seminar

We meet by Zoom this semester.

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Password: zero minus the Euler characteristic of a closed oriented surface of genus 4000


August 4, 2020 (Tu), 4 pm

Inkang Kim (KIAS)

New Kahler metrics on Teichmuller space and harmonic maps

We survey several known facts on Teichmuller space and present a new way of constructing Kahler metrics on Teichmuller space via harmonic map techniques. This is a joint work with Wan and Zhang.

September 1, 2020 (Tu), 10 am

Homin Lee (Indiana University)

Hyperbolic dynamics in the rigidity of group actions

We will survey the use of hyperbolic dynamics in the rigidity of group actions on manifolds. We will focus on higher rank free abelian group or higher rank lattice actions that have some uniform hyperbolicity such as Anosov diffeomorphism or flow. We will discuss old and new results with some ideas of the proof if time permits.

September 8, 2020 (Tu), 4 pm

Seonwoo Kim (Seoul National University)

Second time scale of the metastability of reversible inclusion processes



Sang-hyun Kim (KIAS)

Time and place

(Usually) Tuesday 4 pm, KIAS

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